The best cancer care happens when patients are empowered to ask the right questions, at the right time. Yet a diagnosis can leave patients and their families at a loss for how to take control. Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is where to go for help.

We are a virtually-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving treatment outcomes and health equity for cancer patients and care partners at every step of their journey. Through our free online resources covering diagnosis and testing, treatment, clinical trials, financing, recovery, and everything in between, we empower patients and care partners to take control of their healthcare journey. You can learn more about the value we bring to the cancer community through this short video series.

What differentiates PEN from other cancer advocacy groups is that we take patient education a step further; we educate, then ACTIVATE cancer patients and their care partners to become co-decision makers with their healthcare teams.

By insisting on the most current and personalized care available, empowered patients achieve better treatment outcomes, and live longer, higher quality lives. Empowered patients are not only strong self-advocates, they are positioned to become multipliers by advocating for others in their communities. PEN’s programs and resources equip them to do just that.

In 2020, our programs served more than 140,000 patients and care partners. With your support, we can help far more to achieve improved treatment outcomes.

Patient Empowerment Network’s programs include:

digital sherpa™: Teaches older patients and caregivers the technical skills to use online health resources. Through in-person workshops held throughout the U.S., individuals who wish to become more competent in online skills are paired with student volunteers.

Digitally Empowered™: A free and easy-to-complete course that develops the skills necessary to use online health resources, including telehealth. Requires <90 minutes to complete and available in English and Spanish.

Empowered Patient Chat (#patientchat): Bi-weekly Twitter event where patients, care partners, and advocates can find community and connection as they learn from each other and discuss topics of interest to empowered patients.

INSIST!: Provides swift and actionable information to empower patients to insist on better care and personalized treatment options. This multimedia program features curated content based on cancer type including videos on how testing can affect outcomes, webinars with experts on the role of genetics in treatment, a Take Action Guide to bring to doctor’s appointments, and more. View an INSIST! Breast Cancer Webinar at

Diverse Partners in Your Myeloma Care: Actionable resources for BIPOC myeloma patients and care partners including “Diverse Partners in Your Myeloma Care”, a health education series featuring information from medical experts and others on achieving health equity and bridging gaps between diagnosis and treatment.

Empowered Patient Toolkits: Downloadable materials to help patients and care partners communicate effectively with healthcare teams. Currently available for four cancer areas: AML, CLL, Myeloma, and Lung Cancer. Example:

Network Managers: Volunteers who represent cancer areas based on their own experience who create broader awareness of PEN’s resources within the cancer community, contribute to content, and help patients and caregivers gain the skills and confidence to become self-advocates.

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Andrea Conners –